Definition of Statistics: Objectives, Functions, and Types of Statistics

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Actually, what are statistics? Definition of Statistics is a data collection in the form of numbers and arranged in the form of diagrams and / or tables where the contents explain about a particular problem.

Statistical meaning is a set of methods and rules regarding the collection, analysis, processing, and interpretation of data from numbers that explain data or observations. Etymologically the word “statistic” comes from Latin, namely “status” which means state or related to constitutionality.

Generally statistics are widely used in research in various fields, such as economics, business, manufacturing, marketing, and others. With the statistics it will get a conclusion and facilitate the decision-making process.

In order to better understand the meaning of statistics, we can refer to the opinions of some of the following experts;

According to Prof. Dr. Sudjana, M.A., M.Sc., the notion of statistics is a knowledge related to methods of data collection, data processing, analysis, and conclusions based on data collection and analysis carried out.

According to Anderson & Bancroft, statistical meanings are the science and art of development and the most effective method for collecting, tabulating, and interpreting quantitative data in such a way that errors in conclusions and estimates can be estimated by the use of inductive reasoning based on mathematical probability (opportunity).

According to Prof. Dr. H. Agus Irianto, the definition of statistics is a set of ways and rules relating to collection, processing (analysis), drawing conclusions, on data in the form of numbers using certain assumptions.

According to Anto Dajan, the definition of statistics is quantitative data, both those that have not been arranged and that have been arranged in the form of a table.

According to Croxton and Cowden, the meaning of statistics is a method for collecting, managing, presenting and interpreting data in the form of numbers.

There are at least five main objectives of statistics. The statistical objectives are as follows;

Statistics has two main functions that are very important for research activities. The statistical functions are as follows;

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